Relicario Vermouth Finish

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Alcohol content: 40%
Volume: 0.7
Country: Dominican Rep.

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Relicario Vermouth Finish

Relicario Vermouth Finish

40% / 0.7 / Dominican Rep.

Predajňa Bottleshop 3 veže

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Relicario Vermouth Finish is an exceptional rum that brings to the world of rums a unique combination of traditional Caribbean craftsmanship with a delicate touch of vermouth. This rum is a celebration of an innovative approach to aging and blending that creates an unmistakable and sophisticated flavor profile.

Relicario Vermouth Finish begins as a classic Caribbean rum, distilled from selected sugar cane molasses. After distillation, the rum is aged in American oak barrels that previously contained bourbon, giving it rich notes of vanilla and caramel. For the final stage of maturation, the rum is transferred to barrels that previously contained high-quality vermouth. This process gives the rum unique aromas and flavor profiles that combine classic rum notes with subtle herbal and spicy vermouth accents. The result is a rum with complex aromas of dried fruit, raisins, spices and a hint of bitterness, which is typical of vermouth.

🔞 Prohibition on the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age.

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