Gin Pink strands

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Alcohol content: 37.5%
Volume: 0.7 l
Country: Slovakia

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Gin Pink strands

Gin Pink strands

37.5% / 0.7 l / Slovakia

Predajňa Bottleshop 3 veže

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Bajkalská 9/A
831 04 Bratislava


Lúčky Gin Pink is a premium Slovak gin that comes from the picturesque region of Slovakia. This gin is a product of the Pálenica distillery in Vtáč údolí and is known for its unique combination of botanical ingredients and local fruit.

What makes Lúčky Gin Pink special:

  • Botanical ingredients: Gin contains 15 types of hand-picked wild herbs, spices and fruits. These ingredients include juniper, dandelion, motherwort, elderberry, honeydew, hazelnut and more.
  • Fruity flavors: This gin is enriched with the aromas and flavors of local strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, which gives it a refreshing and fruity character without the use of artificial flavors and colors.
  • Production process: Gin is produced by multiple distillation in a copper column, which guarantees its purity and rich taste.

Flavor profile:

  • Color: Light pink.
  • Aroma: A combination of juniper, raspberry and strawberry.
  • Taste: Balanced notes of raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and juniper.

Lúčky Gin Pink is ideal for summer cocktails and long drinks. It is recommended to serve with ice or in combination with tonic, where its refreshing and

🔞 Prohibition on the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age.

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