Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select

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Alcohol content: 45%
Volume: 0.7
Country: deer

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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select

45% / 0.7 / deer

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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select is an exceptional Tennessee whiskey that stands out for its unique and complex flavor profile. Each bottle comes from one specific barrel, meaning no two bottles are exactly alike. This makes each Single Barrel Select bottle unique. Here are some interesting facts about this whiskey:

Interesting facts about Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select:

  1. Barrel Selection: Only 1 out of 100 barrels is selected to produce Single Barrel Select. These barrels are located in the best parts of the warehouse where they are subject to extreme temperature changes, which contributes to a more intense and complex flavor profile.

  2. Taste profile: Each bottle of Single Barrel Select has its own character, but in general this whiskey is known for its fullness and rich notes of caramel, vanilla, toasted oak and subtle spices. Each barrel can have slightly different taste characteristics, which adds to its uniqueness.

  3. Bottling: Each bottle is hand-labeled with the cask number, bottling date and storage location, allowing collectors to trace the provenance of each bottle. This handwork emphasizes the craftsmanship and individuality of each barrel.

  4. Higher alcohol content: Single Barrel Select has a higher alcohol content (usually around 47% ABV), which gives the whiskey a more robust and distinctive flavor profile. This higher alcohol content also allows individual flavors to stand out better.

  5. Limited production: Due to the fact that each bottle comes from a single barrel, the number of bottles available is limited. This makes Single Barrel Select attractive to collectors and whiskey lovers looking for something special.

  6. Personalized Bottles: Jack Daniel's offers the option to purchase an entire Single Barrel Select, where customers can visit the distillery and personally select their barrel. This experience includes a tasting of different barrels and the opportunity to label the bottles with your own name or dedication.

🔞 Prohibition on the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age.

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