Jack Daniel's Master Distiller No. 3

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Alcohol content: 43%
Volume: 1
Country: deer

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Jack Daniel´s Master Distiller No. 3

Jack Daniel's Master Distiller No. 3

43% / 1 / deer

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Jack Daniel's Master Distiller No.3 is a special edition from the Master Distiller series that pays tribute to the individual master distillers of the Jack Daniel's brand. This edition is dedicated to Lem Tolley, who was the third master distiller.

The box and bottle label show Lem Tolley, who was the master distiller from 1941 to 1964. During his tenure, he contributed to the development and maintenance of the quality of Jack Daniel's whiskey. The photograph on the box shows Tolley in his working environment, reflecting his dedication and passion for whiskey making.

Interesting facts:

  • Historical Contribution: Lem Tolley ran the distillery during World War II and the post-war period, which were challenging for many American companies. His management ensured continuity of production and maintenance of whiskey quality.
  • Innovation and Tradition: During Tolley's tenure, the distillery focused on innovation while maintaining the traditional production processes that underpin the quality of Jack Daniel's.
  • Collector's value: Each bottle of the Master Distiller series is unique and is prized by collectors and fans of Jack Daniel's for its historical value and quality.

🔞 Prohibition on the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age.

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