Faberge Imperial Collection Green

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Alcohol content: 40%
Volume: 0.7 l
Country: Mask

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Faberge Imperial Collection Green

Faberge Imperial Collection Green

40% / 0.7 l / Mask

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Vodka Imperial Collection in a Faberge egg is a special pride of the producer Ladoga. This is a unique product of super premium quality, mostly handmade. Combining the centuries-old traditions of vodka production with the Imperial Collection's artistic jewelry is aimed at celebrating the Russian heritage of the tsarist era. This is a piece of real luxury that can delight vodka connoisseurs and decorate the atmosphere with its magnificence and elegance.

The recipe of this product is developed by the laboratory of the Ladoga Company in accordance with the cultural traditions of Russian vodka production and the ultra-modern technological process, which provide a uniquely excellent spirit for the most demanding customers.

Every drop of Imperial Collection vodka is made from "Saratovskaya Gold" spring wheat grown on a single estate. Completing the five stages of distillation, which requires a lot of skill and experience, gives the spirit an unrivaled elegant character.

Imperial Collection is produced using only low-mineralized purified water in Lake Ladoga, which gives the spirit an incredible flavor delicacy and delicacy of taste. For a smooth and rich silky mouthfeel, Imperial Collection Vodka is filtered twelve times through columns of environmentally sustainable charcoal, sand and micro paper topped with a gold membrane filter that enriches the spirit with 24-carat gold ions.

Vodka Imperial Collection is bottled in an elegant Venetian glass decanter decorated with a large ruby-colored gemstone. The neck of the decanter is decorated with four small handmade glasses. The unique Faberge Easter Egg-style case decorated with suede imitates precious metals and stones. Each edition is crowned with a golden eagle, the symbol of the Caesarian section, designed by a famous Florentine master who has been working in the Vatican for over thirty years. The last element of the Imperial Collection vodka composition is a massive noble gift box made of wood covered with velvet. This exclusive product contains a lot of precise handwork and all the decorative elements are covered with 24 carat gold.

🔞 Prohibition on the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age.

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